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Everybody thinks of Pitti as an “unfailing” Florentine date where you can perceive the evolution of menswear and its synergies with design. Above all else, in my view, where you can draw inspiration from the sartorial characteristics of men’s clothing, I mean, to be even more frank where you can find the constant search for a more classic cut that, however, points out for over a year now, style expressions between tailoring and streetwear . The think that impressed me most about the aesthetic expression, is the increasingly sought-after detail accuracy. Being innovative is getting harder, but it’s an interesting challenge, and I found it out in HOW the vision of the accessory for man has radically changed. Accessory meant as jewelery, but also like tattoos, or perhaps I was so attracted to the concepts expressed by those guys who created strong contrasts in a mix of details that I lost myself in the beauty of the smallest details.


Ph Credits: Matteo Bianchessi

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