Grand Pa is a project that took life in the wardrobe of Giotto Calendoli’s grandfather.
A grandfather he never got to meet but whose clothes he inherited.
Grand Pa is not a synonymous of “elder”. It’s the back-in-the-days charming elegance,enlightened by the present, for a young yet timeless Menswear.


The inspiration of these first models the results a road trip in Morocco with Marrakech as final destination.
This was the journey that has allowed the imagination to discover ways of life, colors, scents and traditions that conquer at first sight.


The models “Bedouin” and “BlackHash” were made in Italy, not in a mass production but created one by one by the two arms of a single Italian craftsman.
Grand Pa guarantees the absolute quality of the product, making each and very single hat different. The combination of feathers is always different, and the numbering of hats inside certify the limited series of the product.


Cause when your grandpa lends you something, he’’ll tell you to be careful. And we all know how that goes.